C. G. Jung Society of St. Louis CE Application Form
CEs for LCSW, LPC, and LCPC*

*Our CEs are offered through the C. G. Jung Center in Evanston which is licensed to provide LCSW CEs, which are also accepted by the LPC/LCPC licensing bodies in Missouri and Illinois.

*You may apply for a General Certificate of Attendance if you are licensed in another field.

*Note that in order to be eligible for CEs (continuing education credits) for an event/program, you must also complete a program evaluation, available online here: https://forms.gle/cYf9fTbUXfLbR3vJ7

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at jungstlouis@gmail.com or call (314) 533-6809.
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Applicants who’ve paid for their CEs online must include their order number below. It can be found in your order confirmation/registration from the C.G. Jung Society of St. Louis <jungstlouis@gmail.com>. Here is an example of where you will find your order number:
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