Affordable Learning Solutions Custom Publishing Vendor Partner Program
To be considered for inclusion in the AL$ program, please supply the following information:
Business Name *
Primary Contact Information
Address (Website URL for discovering/building/creating/adopting course materials)
Product/Service Name
Version Number (If Applicable)
Description of service/product/tool and referral to samples and demonstrations
Please indicate the best description of your product/service:
Description of features, advantages, innovations, and benefits of product/services
Pricing advantages and/or discounts off publicly-offered product/services
Additional information for application (optional):
Who will this product/service primarily be used by:
Product is for individual student purchase
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Product is for faculty and staff instructional support
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Some digital custom publishing applications provide integration with a campus Learning Management System (LMS) using an industry standard. Please provide details of any standards your application supports. Examples standards include IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), IMS Common Cartridge, IMS Caliper, SCORM, AICC, etc.
Some digital custom publishing applications provide integration with a campus content discovery system using an Application Programming Interface (API) or Web Service. Please provide details of any content search/browse/discovery API or service your application exposes.
Description of provision of copyright clearance services, licensing options for intellectual property rights, note if option for Creative Commons license is included
Description of potential partnerships with bookstores, libraries, and or academic technologies for delivery of product/services to faculty and students
Description of handling course materials' exceptions (returns-dropped/cancelled classes, extensions, technical support, etc.) Any means for CSU campus bookstores and/or academic technology departments to resolve exceptions per vendor directions
Describe professional development and technical support available for faculty, staff and student use
Provision of user activity tracking and reporting. Please provide details.
Descriptions of capabilities to use on specific devices and applications including LMS. Other means of availability such as online with internet connections, offline on user’s devices; ability to work offline.
We will partner with individual CSU campus bookstores for commercial delivery of adopted product by the bookstore
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We will provide a CSU landing page on which faculty, students and others interested in AL$ programs can obtain information on products/services/tools. To include CSU AL$ programs/services being offered, who to contact and how to access-implement programs/services. (Optional)
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Each CSU adoption by faculty will be forwarded when received, to the appropriate campus bookstore to support HEOA compliance (describe process in comments)
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Any additional information on the product/service you deem appropriate
CSU Accessible Technology Initiative Requirements
The CSU is committed to ensuring that its programs and services are accessible to everyone. The product accessibility information allows the CSU to select products that provide strong accessibility support and therefore reduce or eliminate the need to provide costly accommodations to work around accessibility gaps. Provide the following items listed below to demonstrate the product compliance level and commitment to providing access for all. COMPLETED DOCUMENTS CAN BE SENT TO (Attn: FRED NEELY).

The required documents can be referenced on the Accessible Technology Initiative website:

1) Complete the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT):

2) Complete the CSU Accessibility Roadmap:

3) Create and deploy an Accessibility Statement on your product website:
CSU Information Security
The CSU Information Security policy provides direction for managing and protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of CSU information assets. In addition, the policy defines the organizational scope of the CSU information Security Policy.

To view the full CSU ICSUAM Section 8000 Information Security Policy:
We have reviewed the Information Security Policy and we are in compliance.
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Please note that CSU AL$ does not choose exclusive vendor providers on behalf of the campuses, nor sign purchasing agreements for AL$ partner programs.
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