NENA Survey: Community Visions for the Marian Pritchett School (block of 24th / Hazel)
[This survey is now closed to permit us to calculate results and present them to the City. We plan to invite further comments on the use of the site in the very near future in an updated format.]

We do not require, but strongly request, you provide your name and street address. The city requires this information to ensure the authenticity of comments in the planning process. Without this information, we will certainly respect your comments, but know that the city is not likely to give anonymous comments much weight.
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My ideas for the future of this site include the following:
I do not want this site to be replaced with the following:
How would you feel about a mixed-use development that included some commercial at this site? For instance, imagine a "Hyde Park West" that would have a coffee shop or something similar? Would you be okay with increased density at the site to pay for a creative use like that?
What services does this part of the North End need that could be provided at this site other than residential?
Agree or disagree: The historic 1921 building at the site should be preserved.
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Agree or disagree: The modern additions at the site should be preserved.
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I would be willing to offer comment at public hearings regarding the site.
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