Filton's Wonderful Windows arts trail registration
This form should be used to register your window in the Filton Wonderful Windows arts trail taking place 23-25th October 2020. The information you give in this form will be held securely by FACE, who are part of the organising team for the arts trail and will not be passed on to any other person / organisation.
These are just a few ideas of what we hope to see during our arts trail in Filton. I'm sure you have lots more ideas of your own!
We will be creating a live map like this example which will show where all the arts trail windows are located. Your location will be identified, but no other details about you...
Please tell us your address and postcode... (This is so we can add a star for your location to our map) *
Please tell us your email address... (This will only be used to contact you about the Filton Wonderful Window Arts trail) *
Would you be interested in coming to a socially distanced arts workshop at FACE on October 10th or 17th to help you design and make your window display? (You'll need to just bring your window measurements with you!) *
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