Jazz Hands For Autism Intern Application
Jazz Hands For Autism is a section 501(c)(3) non-profit talent advocacy group for musicians with autism. We serve as an incubator, and custodians of their talents and gifts, helping nurture the growth of their inner musician and providing them with resources they need to be advocates of their abilities and to make a living doing what they love to do. Our mission is to provide platforms and seek avenues where musically inclined individuals on the autism spectrum can express and explore their talents.

We have 2 primary programs through which we pursue our mission: The Jazz Hands Concert Series, and the Jazz Hands Musicians Academy.

We are a young organization, so this internship opportunity will provide you with hands on administrative and leadership roles (which looks great on any resume).

You can find out more information about Jazz Hands For Autism at http://www.jazzhandsforautism.org/

Please also email a copy of your resume to Info@JazzHandsForAutism.org

How much do you know about autism?
Not a thing
I basically research it
Do you like music?
Ehh, I can live without it
Are you kidding me?! is this a real question?
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