Lookworthy Beauty Madness: Round 1
Why should only sports fans have all the fun? We've put together the ultimate beauty battle to celebrate the wonderful products you know and love at Lookworthy!

All are welcome to take part, even those who are new to Lookworthy and might not have experience with all of these products.

For round one, you also have an opportunity to submit your guess for the final winning product!

Every round you vote you'll receive an entry for a prize. Every person who correctly guesses the winning product will be entered to win a special grand prize giveaway.


Pick a Mascara:
Pick an Eyeliner:
Pick a Lip Product:
Pick a Lip Product:
Pick a Cleanser:
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Pick a Primer:
Pick a Foundation:
Pick a Sunscreen
Pick a Neck Product
Pick a Hydration Serum
Pick an Exfoliant
Pick a Lip Product
Pick a Facial Cream
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