Unit II Test - The World's Physical Regions
Answer the following series of questions from Unit II - The World's Physical Regions. Each question is worth 3 points - students must complete 10 questions for a total of 30 points. If you answer more than the 10 questions, only the scores from your top 10 questions will count towards your final score.
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7. Which biome (can not be desert or Ice cap) would be least affected by fire (either positively or negatively)? Explain your answer.
2. How are characteristics of plants in a particular region related to the biome they live in? Give an example to support your answer
5. List three characteristics you would expect the animal that lives in the range mapped below to have? Choose one of those characteristics and explain how that particular adaptation would benefit them in their biome.
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3. What type of biome does the climate graph below most likely correspond to? Explain your answer using two pieces of evidence. Explain one human threat that endangers this particular biome. *
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8. Which biome is represented in the map below? What is one adaptation that prey species have developed to live in this biome and how might it be beneficial to them? *
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9. Which biome is being represented in the picture below? Explain your answer citing two different elements from the picture that helped you identify the biome. What is one issue that threatens this particular biome and how?
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11. Which Biome is most in danger (as in the species of plants and animals, and the physical characteristics of the biome itself) because of human activity? Explain your answer by making a clear assertion, explain your answer, and provide a real-life example to support your answer. *
6. What two biomes are being represented in the map below? Which biome is going to undergo a more drastic seasonal change? Explain your answer using two pieces of supportive reasoning. *
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4. What biome is represented by the map below (shaded in Green)? What are two factors that influence the location of that particular biome? (ie. why is this biome located where it is?) *
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12. Based on the range map below, What biomes (list 2) does the Eastern White Pine prefer? Explain how its adaptations help it to survive in one of the particular biomes.
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1. What are the three biomes that make up the Arctic region? Which of the three would be best for a large herbivore that travels in herds? Explain why. *
10. Based on the characteristics of the animal below would you expect it to be a specialist restricted to one particular biome or multiples? List which biome(s) you would expect it to be well adapted to and explain why you think it would be well adapted?
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