Welcome to the November Health Bet
You're betting on YOU! And we believe in you! You're committing to 3 dedicated weeks to make you and YOUR health a priority! We can do ANYTHING for 3 weeks!

Hopefully you'll also use the energy and MOMENTUM from this health bet and join us in our December 3 week health bet leading up to the holidays as well !

We often get so caught up in the end goal we psych ourselves out of the PROCESS...so that's what this 3 week challenge is all about-- committing to the PROCESS with a happy side effect of results and progress ;)

Are you excited??
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Have you watched the info video above on what is required to qualify each week to continue with the Health bet and earn your $ ? (Join bod group, 5 workouts and 6 nutrition days logged each week, fill out google from + email progress pic to coach) *
Have you sent your $10 via etransfer to lindsay.fortney@gmail.com and let her know you have sent it so she can record it ? *
Did you join the Nov Health Bet bod group ? *
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Do you have your workout program and nutrition plan picked out for the 3 weeks? What are they? *
Did you have a good option for Personal Development you'll use to keep your mindset healthy? (book, podcast, audible, youtube videos, etc) *
Are you excited and committed for 3 weeks of focused intention on your health? *
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