Walk with Akash | Biryani & Beer 🍻
Was speaking to my friend Akash, CEO of Local Ferment Co (LFC), about Bangalore's biryanis. He was lamenting about how people hardly venture beyond the usuals like Meghana's.

He said that there's a whole other side to Bangalore's biryanis that most people haven't tried.

He's well versed with Bangalore's meat markets cuz he curates charcuterie for LFC.
Check 'em out here: https://localfermentco.in/collections/the-deli/Deli.

So Akash came up with an idea - a Bangalore biryani walk ending with some dope beers 🍻
The best bit - we've decided to open the food walk to others as well (just so that we can sample more biryani 🤭) Come join us this Sunday, 8 January 2023, to explore Bangalore's lesser known biryanis.
We will be walking through Bangalore's iconic meat markets. We will be sampling the freshest possible starters & biryani right from the source! Including a really special lamb rack biryani!
Post biryani, we will guzzle some beer & catch up with some new frens :)

Cost: 650 per head (covers cost of biryani+starters ONLY) Date: 8 January 2023 (this Sunday) Timing: 12:30 PM - 5.30 PM (or more!) Starting Point: Richmond Town (exact coordiates shared on payment + confirmation) NOTES:
1. The tour includes: - 2 biryanis (and more if you are adventurous)  - Starters from 4 spots (hugee array to choose from) - Butcher shop tour! - Beers with newly made friends (cost of beer will be on you)
2. We will have to travel a fair bit to hit the best biryani spots. We will try to car pool - but do factor in extra cash for Uber.
3. This beer & biryani tour is for hard core meat eaters and not for the faint hearted.
Vegetarians, please excuse. 😅 4. This is Akash's first food walk and my first time going for this walk with him.
It is gonna be a "meat and greet", if you will. A low-key walk for foodies. Come with low expectations. We will do our best to blow your mind away :P

5. We are capping the intake at only 10 people as this is the first walk.

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