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Next Session Dates: Summer 2020 1st Class!

*** Drive Times are set up separately (outside of class hours)

*** ONLY 2 days of physical classes can be made up. AFTER 2 absences you can be dropped.

*** You will receive a confirmation email when you complete the registration below

*** Note: All contact will be made by the email you provide us.


Test Drive, LLC is a driving school committed to making you the best driver you can be. Students should come to class prepared to do their best. Our goal is to have every student who starts the program, complete the program. However, students with excessive absences, tardies, deficient driving abilities or disruptive behavior as judged by the instructor, will be dismissed from the program or be required to obtain more driving experience before being issued a certificate of completion. Driving a motor vehicle is a great responsibility.

Any student who is unsuccessful in their performance behind the wheel or in the classroom will not pass this program. Only students who demonstrate safe and sensible operational methods and are ready for the responsibility of driving will be awarded a certificate.

*Test Drive, LLC is not responsible for any actions of students.

Iowa State requirements will be met or exceeded:

* It is the expectation that students stay OFF of their devices when driving AND in class. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the device for the class or removal from the class.

* Any student who fails to notify their driver 24 hours in advance of a driving time absence may be charged $40.

* Students will come prepared to class. Failure to do so will result in penalty or removal from class.

The length of a single class will not exceed 180 minutes.
Students are required to attend 30 hours of classroom.
Students will receive 240 minutes of substance abuse education.
Students will receive a minimum of 20 minutes of railroad crossing safety.
Students will be provided instruction relating to organ donation under the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.
Two or more students will be scheduled for all behind the wheel instruction and may not have the same partners every time.
30 minutes per session, 60 minutes per day is the maximum a student may drive in one day.
The minimum number of times a student will drive in a dual control automobile during the entire course without simulation or range is 12.
All driver education instructors, with the exception of behind the wheel instructors, hold a valid Iowa teaching license and the Driver Education endorsement.

***Classes will be held at Grundy Center High School in Mr. Zinkula's room unless otherwise announced****
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Please Note: The email you provide is the email through which we will contact you. Student’s driving schedule will be set up at the first class. Students will be driving outside of the school day and outside of the driver education class time. Driving times will occur at various times to accommodate the needs of the students.
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