School Improvement Survey
This survey is designed to gather information that may be used to enhance the quality of our School Improvement Plan. The survey measures parent perceptions of Nissitissit Middle School in relation to important categories such as:
1. Safe Learning Environment
2. Climate of High Expectations for Success
3. Instructional Leadership
4. Opportunities for Learning and Time on Learning
5. Clear and Focused Mission
6. Monitoring of Student Progress
7. Home-School Relations
1. Students, parents, and school personnel demonstrate a shared responsibility for student behavior at NMS. *
2. School personnel recognize and look for students who are behaving and doing the right thing.
3. Students, parents, and school personnel show pride in our school and help to keep it looking attractive.
4. All cultures, including my own, are treated fairly and with respect at school.
5. The Principal, Assistant Principal, and teachers demonstrate an expectation that all students can perform well in school.
6. Teachers and school personnel inform my child and me regularly about how he/she is doing in school. (phone calls, email, progress reports) *
7. Teachers provide assistance when students don't understand what is being taught. (Before/after school help, academic assistance) *
8. It is evident that engaging and relevant instruction is a priority for the school principal, assistant principal and teachers. *
9. I trust the principal to make the best decisions for the well being of the school. *
10. Our school values instructional time and protects it from interruptions. *
11. Teachers demonstrate and understanding that all students can learn if they are given the appropriate time and resources. *
12. I have seen or received information about the School Improvement Plan. *
13. The School Improvement Plan shapes the school's goals, priorities, and instruction. *
14. My child is taught a curriculum aligned with state standards that includes critical thinking skills and problem solving. *
15. My child uses technology at school to help strengthen his/her skills. *
16. I am aware that teachers use a variety of assessment tools to monitor my child's progress. *
17. I feel comfortable communicating with my child's teacher. *
18. Parents and teacher communication sends a clear message that each one wants the best for students. *
19. Discipline is applied fairly and consistently for all students. *
20. Bullying of students is addressed quickly and effectively by school staff and administrators. *
21. School administrators strive to maintain postive traditions, history and school climate. *
22. The attendance policy has been effective in reducing the number of school days missed as well as late arrivals to school. *
23. My child has been involved in one or more activities at NMS this year. *
24. I (the parent) have attended one or more events at NMS this year. *
25. If you answered "agree" to number 24, which activity did you attend this year? *
26. I am satisfied with the implementation of my child's IEP (Individualized Education Plan). *
27. I feel my child is safe while at school. *
28. Middle school is a time where there is much social and emotional growth occurring. To your knowledge, has your child been provided access to the guidance counselor? *
29. If you answered yes to question 28, was the advice given by the counselor helpful? *
30. As a parent, do you feel your students social emotional needs are being met? *
31. What grade level does your child/children attend at NMS *
32. The NMS Blog, NMS website, and ConnectEd messages provide me with the information I need to stay informed. *
Please let us know any additional comments or suggestions you have regarding the school in the space provided.
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