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The MainStreet Adviser Network connects small business owners, aspiring business owners, and entrepreneurs with business expertise and advisers from across the State. Ask away!
Agreement - please read
Every attempt will be made to connect you with an adviser who is knowledgeable and can help you with your business. Please understand that while we have a large and dedicated group of willing advisers we may not be able to find someone with the specific skill set to help you. In that case you will be notified that an adviser could not be found within our network and we will try to find you assistance through other means. If an adviser is found you will be paired with them for a 1/2 hour video conference. Please understand that you are free to continue speaking with the adviser after the 1/2 hour video conference but those meetings are not covered under this program. You should have an open conversation with the adviser about any expectations of payment or other contractual services before continuing any business relationship.

Your participation in this program is completely voluntary and by checking YES below you agree to hold harmless the New Mexico MainStreet Program its designees, contractors, and accredited organizations. The views, opinions, advice, counsel, reccommendations, and any other expressions of expertise presented during your meeting, as a part of this of this program, are solely those of an outside individual (the adviser). You agree to implement or incorporate the advice received from the adviser at your own risk.
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