Are you looking to do work on a classic car?
Do you want to find the car for them and give it to them as a gift?
Is the dream car currently on your property and needs to get touched up?
Are you a custom car expert who have clients who fits this criteria?

Then we want to hear from you!

Warm Springs Productions are looking for people who have one special family member or friend who always talks about their favorite car they'd dream about driving or the dream car has been on a property untouched for years and needs to be refreshed.

The series My Dream Car is going into its 2nd season for a major cable network and would showcase individuals chasing down a dream car for someone they love. The show would document the journey of finding the car, touching up the car (1-2 months worth of work), and then surprising them with it as a gift. If you are in the custom garage business or a classic car dealer who has a client who fits this criteria, this would be a perfect way to document your car work or dealership experience on a national platform. There are a ton of benefits for being chosen to be on this show as we can help with the costs for fixing up the car.

If interested, please apply below or share with someone who meets the criteria!!!

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Which relative/friend are you looking to gift their dream car to and why? *
What is the dream car for your relative? (Model/Year/Make) and why do they love it? *
Did you find the car for them and what condition is it in? *
Is the car the actual one they owned before? *
What car restoration expert will you be using and what is their expertise? *
Why do you want to gift a car to them? what does that person mean to you? *
If the car is getting touched up, how long will it take to finish it? Also, what would be the cost and what is your budget to fix it? *
Is there anything you want to add to your story that you think is valuable? *
Where did you hear about this project? (IE: What websites or Facebook forum) *
Please confirm you've emailed photos of yourself and the person you are gifting a car. In terms of the car photos itself, we would like photos of the car from each side of it, the interior, and whatever spots on the car that need to get restored.  More photos, the better! The email address is *
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