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Hello! Thanks for your interest in Platform: A town centre property innovation programme. You can find more information here: 

To apply, please take 10 minutes to fill out the application form. We’ve done our best to keep it light-touch!

A reminder that we are looking to select participants who:
• Have motivation and availability for the programme
• Represent a balanced mix of community entrepreneurs, local governments, property owners and other property system stakeholders
• Represent diverse geographies and demographics

So if you aren’t selected, it isn’t personal! We hope to find opportunities for everyone to participate at some point eg. through public events.

A note on data: Your application form will be anonymised and viewed by a small number of selected representatives from the programme partners. It will be permanently deleted three months following completion of the programme.

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This is in case we need to contact you about any details in your application.
List the town/village/city centres you have lived or worked in recently: *
This is so we can ensure participants represent diverse regions and town sizes.
List your current and previous roles and organisations that are relevant to this programme: *
This is so we can ensure participants represent a diverse mix of perspectives.
Why do you want to be part of this programme? *
Please give details of any personal experience relating to town centre property. We want to find people who are motivated to take part in this programme!
Are you available to contribute one day per month to this programme, including some hours via video call, starting from June 2021? *
Would you like to apply for financial support to participate? *
We have a small budget available for community entrepreneurs and anyone else who might not otherwise be able to participate in this programme. We expect that participants joining from larger organisations are able to give their time in-kind. Please let us know if you need this in order to be able to participate.
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Feel free to share any relevant links to websites, social media or documents that show your experience and/or interest in changing the town centre property system.
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Optional demographic questions
We want to know which demographics we are reaching through our communications, and want to ensure Platform is representative of the diverse communities in the UK. If you are happy to do so, please fill in the following questions:
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