NFCB / Spaceship Media Intro Survey
Hi! The National Federation of Community Broadcasters is working with the Center for Community Media and Spaceship Media to look at polarization and how to address it in your communities. Spaceship's mission ( is to restore trust in journalism, build communities and reduce polarization. To better support you and your stations, we’d like to learn a little more about the challenges you face relating to polarization in your audience/community. Please take a few moments to respond to these questions and reply before Thanksgiving Day.
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Have you seen a rise in polarization in your community/audience? If so, how is it manifested? *
Around what issues have you seen tension in your community? *
What have you done at your station to address this? Have you adapted how you program, report or engage with your community? *
What do you see as your role in polarization/depolarization? *
What are the roadblocks you encounter as you do your work? *
Have you are anyone at your station received threats or have been threatened because of their work or reporting with the station? *
Do you have concerns about your safety as you think about engaging with people/communities with whom you disagree? *
What do you want your relationship to be like with your community / audience? *
What gives you hope? *
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