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We are very happy to invite all members of the international debating community to the Czech Republic once again for the sixteenth edition of the Heart of Europe International Debating Tournament! This year, the competition will take place between the 11th and 16th of July 2019.

Individual registrations at: http://ireg.heart-of-europe.org/

For information about fees and methods of payment please check out:

The fee covers:

- accommodation for 5 nights (in a two-bed room);
- meals: 4 × lunch, 5 × breakfast, 4 × dinner;
- refreshments – snacks, hot & cold drinks;
- all free time scheduled activities (parties, excursions, trips, sports);
- all public transport in Olomouc;
- reduced taxi fare rates at ALFA taxi;
- better exchange rates in partner exchange offices;
- professional photo and video footage, live streams of debates;
- mobile info application of the tournament for Android and iPhone;
- volunteer service during the whole course of the tournament;
- welcome pack;
- other miscellaneous materials.
The registration does not include extra night costs nor accommodation in single room. The visa and travel costs to Olomouc are not covered by the Organising Committee.

Please check our website for additional information:

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Include all Debaters, Adjudicators (Judges), Coaches, Coaches if adjudicating, Team Managers, Team Managers if adjudicating, and Observers.
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Please fill in the surname and name of the Delegation Leader. The leader of the delegation has to be over 18 years old. Leader (Team Manager) is also responsible for communication with the ORGCOM Team and for further on-site arrangements in Olomouc.
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Please let us know about your need for a visa for any member of your delegation; specify details.
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Food Preferences/Allergies:
Please let us know if you as the leader or any of your delegates have some special requests in terms of food. Please indicate any allergies. Indicate which names go with each request.
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Accommodation Preferences:
Please let us know if you as the leader or any of your delegates have some special requests in terms of accommodation. Please indicate which names go with each request.
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Do you need to arrange some extra nights?
It is 25 €/$ 38/720 CZK per person per extra night.
Extra night specifics
If YES above, please indicate dates for which you need extra nights, indicate together with individual names if it doesn't apply to the whole group.
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Please fill in the surname first and the given name second with DOB and nationality, each person's date separated by a semi-colon (;).
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EFL & MIL status of Debaters - English as a foreign language & millenial *
Please indicate English as a foreign language status of each debater (they do not come from a first language English speaking family or they attend a school where English is not used as the main medium of instruction). Please indicate Millennial status of each debater (debater who will be 12 years old or less during the course of the tournament). PLEASE NOTE THAT BOTH STATUSES ARE FOR THE PURPOSE OF SPECIAL AWARDS OF THE TOURNAMENT.
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