(Feedback) Learning Task 1a
This is the 1st of 5 Learning Tasks for this Comprehensive Program.

You will find in MODULE 1 - LEARNING PAGE, a link to the full HITS document. In this document you are to navigate to page 25 which explores the 8th High Impact Teaching Strategy – Feedback

1 - Read this extract including the 2 examples on the second page of the extract.

2 - You are to complete a self-evaluation task based on the Continuum of Practice table identified at the bottom of
the extract. You can access the self-evaluation task by clicking on the self-evaluation button.

Once you have completed this task (clicked submit at the end of the google form) you will receive a copy of the document for your evidence. This copy will be automatically emailed to the address you identified at the top of the form.
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HITS #8 - Continuum of Practice
From the options below, please select where YOU think you are along this continuum of practice. *
Reflecting upon your selection from Question 1, think about where you are in the journey through that stage of the continuum and select one of the following *
This stage is BRAND NEW to me and I'm just starting out
I have mastered this stage and I'm ready to move to the next level
Reflecting honestly on your own teaching practice, why have you evaluated yourself in this way? What is it about your teaching practice at the moment that ratifies your self assessment decisions? *
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