Houston Officer Application Form
This application form is a guideline for fulfilling the minimum requirements of an application for any officer position in our club as outlined on page 48 of the Membership Handbook. This form is specifically designed for Houston applicants.
Filling out this form will send you an email that you can then forward to the Election Officer running the election.
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Position Applying for:
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Membership Number:
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Phone Number:
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Length of term:
Objective: (a sentence or two describing your goals during your term of office)
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Plan of Action: (A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to accomplish the goals stated in your objective)
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MES Resume - what experience do you have within the club?
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Real life experience - what have you done outside the club that contributes to your ability to fulfill the responsibilities of this job?
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I have reviewed the Standards/tests required for this position and I
Have you received any Disciplinary Actions in the past two years? (Letters of Counseling are *not* DAs)
If yes, please disclose, and explain, if needed.
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I am currently a paid member in good standing of Mind's Eye Society.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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