2019 Graduation Names!
Hey Seniors! It's almost time for Graduation and you know what that means...your name read over the stadium speakers for the whole world to hear! Bet you want Mr. Dayoob and Ms. Morrissey to pronounce it the way your family intended - so please fill out this form with the correct and phonetic spelling of your name....or you could end up like one of the students on Key & Peele's, The Substitute....A-A-Ron! Dee-Nice? Jay-Quel-Inn?
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Please write your first, middle and last name as it appears on your birth certificate.
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For example: Ms. Morrissey's legal name is Meredith Marie Morrissey; her phonetic spelling is Mare-dith Ma-ree More-eh-see. Mr. Dayoob's legal name is Gregory Scott Dayoob; his phonetic spelling is Greg - ory Scott Day - yub.
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