2018 Jeep Festival Sign-Up
Bantam Jeep Festival Volunteers Needed!

It’s another year and a great opportunity for cadets and senior members to help support a growing event in our area. The BRC40 was the first “Jeep” accepted by the US military at the beginning of World War II. It was created at the American Bantam Car Company in Butler, PA.

The anniversary weekend festival, Friday, June 8 through Sunday, June 10, will be taking place in Butler and at Coopers Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA (near Moraine State Park). There are also Jeeps arriving for the show judging events at Coopers Lake and also to do trail rides, mud pit and other activities.

What do I need? CAP will be staffing the parking of Jeeps for the Show’N Shine event at Coopers Lake Campground and assisting the event as needed to promote the efficient movement of the participants. The members have to be there in the early morning Friday and Saturday, with a report time of 0700 and the festival opens 0900. It will be very busy as the historic collectors Jeeps and the new Jeeps arrive to be sorted into the competition classes. There is a Sunday event, but will be less demanding of personnel since fewer Jeeps will be present and they will be directed to the same parking places that they used on Friday and Saturday.

Volunteers are needed! There is a need for approximately 30 or more cadets and/or senior members to participate. In return the festival will provide up to $4000.00 to be shared per man hour among the squadrons that send members.

Here is a link to the festival website: http://www.bantamjeepfestival.com/

There will be overnight camping near the reenactor’s encampment. Squadron 712’s GP Medium tent will be set up and there will be the need for an additional tent or tents to provide appropriate separation of the cadets from senior members for cadet protection policy enforcement. There will be wrist bands provided to permit members to use the restrooms and showers at the Coopers Lake Campground. Food vendors will be available and there will be some provided as a part of our encampment. There will be zero open fires!

Members can volunteer for any hours or days for the event. The more members that participate, the greater the ability for those members to have time to look around this event during duty breaks.

Bantam Jeep Festival- Coopers Lake Campground

Friday: 0700 to 1400
Saturday: 0700 to 1700
Sunday: 0730 to 1300

Bantam Jeep Parade- Butler County Community College
Friday: 1500 to 2030

Please contact Lt. Col. Michael Lazaroff at 724-316-9332 as the OIC for this event for any additional questions.
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Fri, 8 Jun
Sat, 9 Jun
Sun, 10 Jun
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