Fostering Innovative Thinking in Engineers at the University of Florida
We’re currently in the process of designing and implementing new initiatives in order to encourage innovation among students, and we want your input! We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to answer our poll to give us any ideas you have as well as provide some other helpful information.Thank you for checking out our survey! We can't wait to hear your ideas for inspiring students to be more innovative!
This is what we have been working on if you want some ideas, but it is definitely not necessary to filling out the form!
What ideas do you have for inspiring students to be more innovative? Feel free to look at the categories we found in our research for inspiration, or give us any idea you can think of for an engaging display, program, or event.
What year in school are you?
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What major are you?
How do you find out about new organizations and events happening on campus?
Which source of the above do you rely on the most for information about new organizations and events?
Do you consider yourself creative/innovative/entrepreneurial?
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Do you want to be more creative/innovative/entrepreneurial?
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Do you know of any resources currently offered on campus to help develop innovative ideas?
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Have you ever utilized these resources? If so, which? (e.g. Gator Hatchery, Innovation Fellows, Fab Lab)
Have you heard of the Engineering Innovation Institute and their classes? (e.g. Engineering Innovation, Engineering Entrepreneurship, Divergent Thinking)
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Have you or do you plan to take any of these classes?
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Please leave your .ufl email if you'd like to stay updated with new information related to the Engineering Innovation Institute.
Anything else that you'd like to tell us?
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