VR Storytelling for Educators
VR Storytelling for Educators: A hands-on, project-based, professional development two-day intensive at the Public VR Lab in Boston for educators, communicators, and media professionals. Gain an understanding of the broader VR/XR landscape, experiment with equipment, create content, and learn basic XR techniques to bring into your classroom and apply to after school programs, summer camps, and for use with youth or adults. Learn from your cohorts in the program and from our experienced team at the Lab ways to bring VR/XR to your community and school!

Dates: August 6th & 7th, 2018, 10-4:30pm
Note: additional lab time is available after 4:30pm
Tuition: $500
Register at: www.brooklineinteractive.org/classes

Well-designed virtual reality (VR, AR, 360) experiences can invoke a powerful sense of awe, empathy and have a transformational effect on the viewer. As VR/AR is an embodied cognitive experience, unlike any storytelling or communications medium ever before, the user moves from passive viewer to becoming part of the experience.

Using hands-on trainings and project-based learning, this two-day workshop will offer three tracks in 360 filmmaking, AR storytelling, and Unity or WebVR to help participants understand how to use VR/AR/360 as a communications tool for storytelling, education, filmmaking and immersive journalism. You’ll gain hands-on experience using 360 equipment, experiment in other XR mediums like AR, Google Tour Creator, Aframe, and/or Unity, and draft personal narrative and nonfiction stories that will be enhanced by being told in VR/XR.

Over the course of the workshop, we’ll break into small groups to demonstrate available equipment, using hands-on demonstrations with VR headsets, scanners, and 360 video cameras to learn firsthand about VR’s experiential context, and show examples of how VR can be used. We will also have breakout sessions, during which participants can learn more about a specific aspect of the XR landscape, including Unity software for VR, 360 Digital Storytelling, and tools for AR Storytelling.

Participants will be able to apply these principles to their own projects, to student objectives, and to their communities gaining an:
Overview of VR/XR & Experiences: Experiment with equipment, headsets, content creation tools, and insights from recent research, etc.,
Experience Shooting & Editing: Using 360 cameras, filming footage, shooting techniques, editing content, and leading insight discussions for students,
AR Storytelling How-tos, hands-on experimentation, access to resources & examples,
Opportunity to create your own story in 360, AR or Unity/WebVR: Participants will create a short 360 video and upload to Youtube by the end of the workshop and learn how to apply these techniques to future projects, with their students, and in their communities.

To enroll, please complete the below information and our team will follow up with you shortly to confirm your attendance and payment. Payments can be made via check made out to Brookline Interactive Group and can be mailed to BIG, 46 Tappan St. Third Floor, Brookline, MA 02445 to assure your spot in the workshop. Credit cards are accepted but require an additional $50 processing fee for each registration.

Unity is a powerful and widely-used game engine for developing VR experiences, as well as video games for consoles, mobile devices, and websites.This workshop will introduce you to the basic functions and concepts of Unity and will provide you with the opportunity to do 3D modeling and coding through this system. The workshop will also introduce you to the basic functions and concepts of Unity and will provide you with the opportunity to learn basic C# coding.

About the Instructors

Kathy Bisbee
Kathy Bisbee is the co-founder of the Public VR Lab, and is the executive director of Brookline Interactive Group, (BIG), a community media arts center in Brookline, MA. Kathy is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist, educator, and filmmaker, producing documentary films in Latin America and the U.S., and co-producing customized XR content for the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA), the Boston Globe, and for local municipalities. Kathy is a frequent conference speaker and has an extensive background teaching tech and media, digital storytelling, 360 filmmaking & VR/AR, and organizing communities around media, arts, education and civic engagement campaigns.

Nir Darom
As a Lead Creative Designer at the Brookline Interactive Group and the Public VR LAb, Nir generates VR/AR/360 storytelling through graphic design, video production, and interactive design. Nir has a BA in graphic design from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Throughout his career, Nir created opening titles for TV programs at ESPN and HBO, directed music videos, designed over a hundred book covers, and has taught interactive design in Tel Aviv and at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA. Nir also directed an award-winning short documentary film called “Fluent by Christmas,” about his son’s adjustment to life in the US.

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