Citizen Application Form

Individuals interested in becoming a citizen of the Empire of Adammia should fill in the following application form. Citizens who do not live on Adammic land must apply for honourary citizenship only. If you apply for full citizenship and this is not possible, you may be granted honourary citizenship instead. The policy of the Imperial Government is to accept interested individuals as honourary citizens, and to reserve full citizenship for those who grant their land to the Empire or who otherwise make exceptional contributions.

Note that none of your personal details will be shared with any organisations or individuals outside of the Imperial Government of Adammia.

Please allow anywhere between 0-4 weeks for your application to be processed. Please note that these applications are processed by a human rather than a computer, and as such we may employ common sense; we will reject any applications found to contain lies, or indeed outright garbage.

First Name *
Please enter your first name.
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Surname *
Please enter your surname / family name / last name.
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Middle Names
Please enter all the middle names you use, if any.
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Date of Birth *
Please enter the exact date you were born.
Gender *
Please enter the gender by which you identify.
Changes of gender
Does the gender which you currently identify as match the biological sex which you were born with?
Citizenship Type *
Please enter the type of citizenship you wish to apply for. Individuals who do not live on Adammic land or who are not related to a full citizen should apply for honourary citizenship. Remember that full citizens are expected to follow all our laws.
Home macronation *
Please enter the sovereign state from which you originate (e.g. Spain, the UK, etc.)
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Home micronation
If you already live in a micronation, including the Empire, please enter its name here. Otherwise, leave this box empty.
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Please enter your general location within your home macronation (e.g. Florida, the North-East of England, etc.). This box is optional.
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Please enter some details about your ethnic background (e.g. White British, African American, etc.). This box is optional.
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Please enter your religious stance and religion, if any (e.g. Atheism, Catholicism, Islam, None etc.). This box is optional.
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Email address *
Please enter an email address for us to use to contact you. We will use this to let you know about your application and to get in touch about your citizenship status if we have to. If you don't have an email, please enter another suitable form of communication.
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Confirmation - Please agree to the conditions below. Your application will NOT be accepted if you do not tick the box. *
I, the applicant citizen, hereby declare that all of the information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge.
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