Invitation to Collaborate
United Oromo Voices (UOV) recognizes that the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Ethiopia is a very important opportunity to raise awareness regarding the human rights abuses occurring in Ethiopia and build global support for change. The Minnesota Oromo diaspora as well as other diaspora communities from Ethiopia have the opportunity to have a great impact on the UPR by working with The Advocates for Human Rights. Collaborating with The Advocates will help ensure that the UN Human Rights Council has an accurate and complete understanding of the situation on the ground in Ethiopia. The Advocates’ experience, expertise, and guidance will assure that diaspora concerns, knowledge, and support are included in the report.

UPR reports are limited to 5,630 words (for collaborative reports) but the UN will accept multiple reports from civil society groups. If there is sufficient interest, individuals and diaspora groups could divide into teams and prepare separate reports on separate thematic issues.

Invitation to collaborate

We invite you to collaborate on one or more UPR reports.

• If you are an individual with access to credible, first-hand information about human rights violations in Ethiopia since 2013, you can share that information for inclusion in a report. You and your sources may remain anonymous in the final published report.
• If you are an organization, you can collaborate with The Advocates and / or UOV on preparing and submitting a report. The Advocates may also be able to provide your organization with training about the UPR and how to get involved.

Please contact UOV at or Amy Bergquist, The Advocates for Human Rights , at for more information. The deadline for submitting reports is September 2018.

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