Detroit United Lacrosse High School Boys Summer Registration
We are very excited to have you playing for the Detroit Panthers this summer!

Our mission at Detroit United is work directly with youth from Detroit & surrounding neighborhoods, providing a unique mixture of elite-level lacrosse specific training, wellness education, and service learning. We at Detroit United believe that our youth deserve every opportunity to prosper in the growing sport of lacrosse while also committing to avenues of intentional community engagement through service projects and educational workshops that provide context and knowledge of Detroit’s past, present and future. This summer it is our goal for our players to grow athletically, but also as whole individuals.

The logistics for this summer season are currently as follows:

Practice will begin June 23rd. We are currently expecting practices to be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6-7:30pm with the potential of small group lessons to be held on Sat/Sun.

Competition this summer falls into two categories, Tournaments & Scrimmages.


Midwest Lax Bash
July 25-26 — Oxford, MI
Tournament Cost: ~$55-65 Depending upon player participation

Bardown Showdown
Aug 1-2 — Kalamazoo, MI
Tournament Cost: ~$55-70 Depending upon player participation

Local Scrimmages

Local Scrimmages are actively being scheduled with the following suburban programs:
313 Lacrosse Club, M53 Lacrosse Club, PLG, 1763 Lacrosse Club, Motor City Knights
Scrimmage Dates/Times TBD

Player Safety is our #1 concern. Due to COVID19, our programming will include social distancing and no contact between players and coaches. We are dedicated to following all state and local law. We will be using a "non-touch" thermometer, and cataloging player health conditions on a practice by practice basis. The Panthers Program reserves the right to send players home if they are exhibiting symptoms or have come into close contact with person(s) who have been infected, per State regulations.

*If allowed due to COVID-19

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to me, Coach Mac at
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