Bookmobile Survey
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Your input is valuable in improving our services to better serve our communities!
How often do you visit the bookmobile?
What stop(s) do you use the bookmobile at?
Please provide any suggestions about stop locations and/or times:
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I didn't visit the library regularly until I found out about the bookmobile
I use both the library and the bookmobile pretty regularly
The library is too far from my house for me to visit regularly
The bookmobile helps me remember to read on a regular basis
If I didn't have a bookmobile stop in my neighborhood I would still visit the library often
If I didn't have a bookmobile stop in my neighborhood I would never/rarely go to the library
The bookmobile provides a social connection for me and/or my neighbors
The bookmobile offers a wide selection of materials
What would improve your bookmobile experience?
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How often do you visit the library (the physical building, not the bookmobile)?
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