Apply to be the next pilot of Tactical Data Engagement
Have you seen ways that open data could inform the work of community groups, non-profits, or researchers in your city, but haven’t been sure how to make it happen? Or is the city tackling big issues that you think open data could help with?

Applications are now open to be the next pilot project for Tactical Data Engagement (TDE). TDE is our framework for facilitating community use of open data. It is designed to help cities put open data to work solving local challenges and improving residents’ lives. Learn more about this approach at

The selected city will receive in-person and online technical assistance from Sunlight staff. Specifically, we’ll help the selected city (1) Analyze demand for city information, (2) Research potential open data users and use cases, (3) Plan and user-test, and ultimately (4) Implement a project to support impactful community use of city open data.
We’re looking for a city ready to jump in on making their open data useful to community groups. And while we will only provide assistance for one project right now, any community that applies now will have a head start on assistance opportunities in the future.

Any U.S. city with a population of at least 30,000 is eligible to apply. If you do not work for a city government, you are welcome to nominate your city but a staff contact will be required to complete the application. Applications will be accepted until Friday, February 9, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. EST.

If you have questions about this opportunity, eligibility, or the application process, email us any time at
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About the city's open data program
Does the city have a central online location for the proactive publication of open, machine-readable city data (an open data "portal") *
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Does the city have an open data policy making a public commitment to the proactive online publication of open, machine-readable city data? *
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If applicable, please share any additional ways your city actively responds to community information-demand.
Some examples of this include hosting data user-groups, demand-driven open data prioritization processes, etc.
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Interest in Tactical Data Engagement
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If you have a specific project or project idea, or if there are issues in the city you think open data could help tackle, feel free to include them here.
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Does your city have an office of community engagement, or similar department responsible for outreach and community partnerships? If so, has this office ever participated in city open data efforts? *
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Please list any partnerships between the city and community groups that currently involve or could involve sharing city data. *
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