Aruba Health & Happiness Code
The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) in collaboration with the Department of Public Health (DVG) is proud to present the Aruba Health & Happiness Code (HH-Code). The objective of this new program is to improve the hygiene and sanitation protocols for Aruba.

This checklist is for TAXI drivers (permit holder only) and companies. Please verify you are completing the correct checklist for your business.

Step 1: Complete the below registration and checklist completely and truthfully.
* If an item does not apply for you please answer NO.

Step 2: After completing your registration, checklist, and a satisfactory level (%) of compliance, you will receive a preliminary AH&HC seal (colored version); the appropriate authorities will accordingly plan a visit to verify compliance.

Step3: After successful completion of both the checklist and compliance with requirements during the visit, you will receive the final/ golden Aruba Health & Happiness Code seal.

For taxi business specifically: please note that the original permit holder will be responsible when transferring rights temporarily to a 'hulpchauffeur'. The 'hulpchauffeur' will have to display the seal visibly in his/ her vehicle and adhere to the same hygiene protocol as stipulated below.

Please direct any questions you may have to:

Stay safe!
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