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1. Students are able to apply basic engineering and mathematical knowledge to formulate solutions for complex problems *
2. Course will helps the students to contribute to industrial and social needs as per the recent developments *
3. Course enables the students to work in multidisciplinary environment developing complex mechanical systems *
4. Course enables the students to use modern engineering tools and techniques to address ever evolving engineeering problems *
5. Course encourages the students to work as a team or as an individual with utmost commitment for the completion of assigned task *
6. Course enables the students to demonstrate ethical engineering practices to solve engineering problems *
7. Course encourages the students to use various research methodologies to provide valid conclusions *
8. Course enables the students to recognize the importance of professional development by pursuing higher studies in various specializations *
9. Content of the course is sufficient to have wide knowledge about the course *
10. Course enables the student to demonstrate the knowledge and need for sustainable development in societal and environment context *
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