Digital Competency Health Check
Please answer the following 10 questions which will create an overall score and give you score in four categories which make up your overall personal digital competence.
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Is your LinkedIn profile showing you in the best light?
It is fairly basic
I am confident my profile makes me look good online and attracts new business and career opportunities
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Are you digitally tidy? do your apps spark joy, is your desktop untidy? can you find documents easily?
I could tidy things up a little
Marie Kondo would be proud of me for being so organised
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Are you totally at home operating on a collaboration platform such as Microsoft Teams or Slack?
I prefer using email
Yes I feel it gets work done faster, more openly and effectively
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Do you have personal business processes and systems for email, task management and calendaring?
I go with the flow of my day
I consider myself a bit of a productivity ninja
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Do you regularly share information on internal or external social networks?
At least once a day
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Do you consider yourself to be digitally curious?
I am not that interested in technology
I am always asking others how they operate digitally to improve my own capability
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Do you always try to have effective online meetings?
I just try to get through them
I make sure there is an agenda, a chair, everyone has a voice, no ones ego dominates and ideally they finish early
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Do you consider you have a good technology set up across all your devices?
I only really use one computer
I can and do work from anywhere
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To what degree do you use digital assistants, automation or voice activation?
I can use Alexa
Whereever I can I automate processes using a variety of tools
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Do you digitally track any aspects of your health such as: steps, sleep, stress (heart rate/HRV), sustenance (calorie intake) or screen-time?
No its not my thing
Most of the above as it helps monitor and reduce health risks
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