Share your story with the Southwest Women’s Law Center
Decision-makers need to understand how policies affect the lives of the people they represent. By sharing your personal stories, you can help Southwest Women’s Law Center in our work to advocate for policies that impact New Mexico women, girls, and families.

Thank you for considering sharing your story with us. Please share only what you are comfortable sharing and indicate how you would like your story shared using the permissions section below. The stories shared here will only be used in advocacy work. The stories may appear in public advocacy materials, such as the Southwest Women’s Law Center website, brochures, or other printed materials. Even if choose to keep your name confidential, be aware that some information may reveal who you are, especially if you share unusual details about yourself or others.

After you submit your story here, we will follow up to discuss next steps. Thank you for helping us to bring important policy changes to New Mexico!

If you would like to share a story but have questions, please contact us.
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