Open College Network West Midlands Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders, 2019
Welcome to our next Forest School training application form!

The Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders will prepare learners to learn practical skills and knowledge to work as a Forest School Leader.

The team from Circle of Life Training from the U.K., lead by Marina Robb, are delighted to deliver our ninth Irish training in a beautiful private estate near the village of Hollywood, Co. Wicklow. The training team includes highly experienced UK based trainers and Irish-based trainer Ciara Hinksman from Earth Force Education, who administers and coordinates this training (see

The 9 dates of training are listed below, please ensure you are available for ALL these dates before registering your interest:
Part one is five days during the Easter Holidays from Monday, 15th April to Friday, 19th April, 2019 and part two is four days and includes a weekend from Thursday, 27th June to Sunday, 30th June, 2019.

The required dates for attendance are:
Part One: 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th April (Easter hols) and
Part Two: 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd June, 2019.

The 5 Units you are required to complete to become a certified Forest School Leader are practical in nature and encompass all areas of running a Forest School programme including sustainable woodland practice & biodiversity, learning development theories, practical woodland skills & tool use, planning and preparation and delivery of a six week pilot programme.

To be eligible to take part in the training course you should have two years experience working with groups, preferably with young people. Please contact Ciara at or 086 3199515 if you wish to discuss this.

We will respond by email to let you know if you have secured a place based upon meeting the minimum crtieria. This email will give you further details about the course, including the bank details you will need to confirm your place with a non-refundable €200 deposit. As well as details of how to pay your deposit, you will receive information about local places to stay along with the 5 Units covered once you have been accepted onto the course.

The full cost for the 9 days certificate training and registration with the OCN is €1,200.

If you would like to avail of the Remote Emergency Care level 2 (REC2) 16hr outdoor first aid training organised by Earth Force Education with a highly experienced REC2 trainer, there is an additional cost is for €130. First aid training is taking place over two days in May/June, 2019 (dates TBC) organised by Earth Force Education, however you can do Remote Emergency Care 2/WFA2 with any provider if you choose to go elsewhere.

Many thanks and happy trails!

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Where did you hear about this training? *
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Do you have Garda Vetting clearance, no more than 3 yrs old? (You will need to be vetted by each young persons organisation/school/service you work with so if you do not have current Garda clearance you need to make sure you are vetted before running your pilot sessions upon completing training). NB: If you have convictions you may not be eligible to work with children, please see *
If so, what organisations are you vetted with? *
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Qualifications and/or Experience
1. Please give relevant experience or training for working with young people. In order to have a good foundation upon which to base this training, you need to have at least two years "considerable" experience working with young people. Before paying a deposit to confirm your place we may ask you to email a letter from an employer/s stating you have the appropriate experience of pre-existing group leadership. *
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Name of Employer/s. *
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Main responsibilities *
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Please let us know how you aim to use this Forest School Programme Certificate Level 3 training? *
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Cost and method of payment
The total cost of the training is €1,200 (plus first aid costs of €130 if you choose to book your 16hrs outdoor first aid course through Earth Force Education - dates to be decided)

We will email to say you have been offered a place with further information and bank details. In order to confirm your place you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of €200 payable to Earth Force Education.

The remaining fee of €1,000 is payable to Earth Force Education 30 days prior to the initial training week by 11/03/19.

Method of payment: Bank details for online bank transfers will be sent to you once you have been accepted on to the course. Cheques may be accepted if necessary, however online bank transfers are far more preferable so please make payments this way.

Terms and Conditions
By signing this booking form and returning it to us, you agree that any cancellation of your training place would incur a cancellation fee of €200. *
I agree that full amount of €1,200 must be paid 30 days prior to initial training week, by 11/03/19. *
I agree if cancellation is made less than 30 days prior to initial training start date a cancellation fee of €500 will be retained or requested. *
I agree cancellations from two weeks before the date of commencement will be charged at the full price. *
I agree that once training has commenced, there will be no refund. *
In exceptional circumstances it is possible to make payments by instalments once the deposit has been paid in full. If paying by instalments, we must come to a Direct Debit agreement with a set instalment plan per month whereby full payment must be completed by 1st April, 2019.
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Please note you have 12 months to return your completed portfolio from the date you are registered with the Forest School Association. After this you will be charged €120.00 re-registration fee. Do you agree? *
You will need to have a current 16hr outdoor certificate to complete your assessment. If you would like to attend the Remote Emergency Care Level 2 (REC2) training as arranged by Earth Force Education, please tick below. The cost is €130 and is in addition to the course training fee. Cancellations of the first aid training are subject to cancellation fee of €50. (Occupational or paediatric first aid does not have the required outdoor application.) *
I agree we reserve the right to cancel this training in the unlikely event insufficient places have been booked and confirmed. *
I agree Circle of Life Training and Earth Force Education take no responsabilty and are not laible for any damage or loss to personal belongings during the training. *
I acknowledge I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions. *
Name and date
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Medical Form
Please fill out this form as completely and accurately as possible. The facts that you disclose are confidential and provide critical information to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience with Circle of Life Training.
Primary Emergency contact person. Please supply name & phone numbers (work, home, mobile) of who we contact in case of emergency and your relationship to them (e.g. husband/mother etc.): *
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Secondary emergency contact person for you. Please supply name & phone numbers (work, home, mobile) of who we contact in case of emergency and your relationship to them: *
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Your Doctors name, address and telephone number: *
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Please tick any of the following illnesses or conditions you may have had, and add any details at the bottom of this form: *
Have you undergone any surgery? If so, please describe the procedure and date:
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Have you been hospitalised in the last three years? If so please describe the reason and dates:
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Please tick any of the following injuries you have had: *
and provide a description and date of injury:
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Do you have any dietary restrictions? *
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Do you have any allergies? (e.g. medication, foods like shellfish, nuts, or others, insect bites, dust, grass etc.) Please describe severity of reaction and list medications needed to control reactions: *
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Are you taking any form of medication? If yes, please give the name of medication, dosage, frequency, and possible side effects: *
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Are you currently under the care of a physician or other health care practitioner? If yes, please give name and describe the reason: *
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Do you have any disabilities? If so, please describe them: *
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If you have anything further to add to your medical information, please do so here:
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I declare that the information in this medical form is accurate and truthful. I recognise that providing inaccurate information may endanger myself. *
I consent to receiving any necessary emergency medical treatment for any injury or illness during the Forest School Leader Certificate (QCF) Level 3 Training. *
I consent for images of me taken during the training to being used by Circle of Life Training and Earth Force Education for training and publication purposes. *
Circle of Life Training video - watch to see how this training was experienced by some Irish Forest School trainees in Co. Wicklow in 2014. Many thanks and happy trails until we meeet!
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