Lovepacs Family Survey
Please complete this anonymous brief questionnaire to help us better serve you and other families!
How important is it to your family to receive Lovepacs during the school breaks? *
Not Important at All
Very Important
How easy/hard was it to sign up for Lovepacs this year, using the online application? *
Extremely Difficult
Extremely Easy
Do you have any feedback or suggestions for the foods that are included in the Lovepac?
Lovepacs follows the FDA recommended guidelines on the number of servings of fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc.
Your answer
After Hours Pick Up is available to accommodate families that cannot pick during school hours. Please rank your top three choices of what days/times are most convenient for you.
NOTE: This is survey to help us determine which days/times are best to schedule volunteers, this DOES NOT CHANGE the method that you chose when applying for Lovepacs. To make changes to your delivery method, please contact your school's counselor.
Sunday Afternoon the week before the break
Sunday Evening the week before the break
Monday Afternoon the week before break
Monday Evening the week before break
Saturday Morning, the first day of the break
Saturday Afternoon, the first day of the break
Saturday Evening, the first day of the break
Please share any additional comments or suggestions you have for Lovepacs.
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Please share a few words/testimonial about how Lovepacs has impacted you or your family.
Our volunteers and donors appreciate hearing from the actual families served. No names are needed, but any story you are able to share makes a big difference in gathering volunteers and monetary support to keep the program running.
Your answer
Please remember to contact your school's Counselor to make any changes to your pick up method or number of boxes needed no later than 12 days prior to the holiday break.
This is important to ensure that boxes get to you. We can not guarantee you will receive your Lovepacs if you do not make changes in time. Boxes are delivered by volunteers who may not be available outside of our previously schedule deliveries.
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