Sign-on: Evangelical Leaders Urge White House & Congress to Protect Dreamers
We invite you to join these leadership organizations of the Evangelical Immigration Table in signing on to these letters to protect Dreamers and work for legislative solutions:

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities
Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
Korean Churches for Community Development/Faith and Community Empowerment
National Association of Evangelicals
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
The Wesleyan Church
World Relief

The opening paragraphs of each letter read:

We are writing to support your efforts to find a workable solution for Dreamers,
those young undocumented immigrants in our country who were brought here by
their parents and who contribute great things to our society. Many of these young
immigrants are currently protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
(DACA) program, but we share your concerns that an executive order is a
problematic tool to accomplish these policy objectives. The complexity of this
particular issue begs for a legislative solution and demands leadership on Capitol

The letter to President Trump follows with: While working with leadership on Capitol Hill on a permanent legislative solution, we also ask that you ensure that these young immigrants are protected.

The letters to Speaker Ryan/Leader McConnell say:
We are also calling on President Trump to ensure these people are protected
while a legislative solution is finalized.

The full text of each letter can be found here:

The accompanying press statement with quotes from EIT leaders can be found here:

Please add your voice by filling out your information below. We will send the text of this letter on your behalf addressed to your appropriate Representative and Senators.

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