The Trojan War - Part 1
Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.

Questions refer to the text above, and the images to the left.
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Text and Images
The questions below refer to the text. The images will help you visualize the story.
Image 1: Hecuba's Nightmare
This image shows Hecuba visited by a nightmare. In your own words, describe her nightmare: (refer to page 1 of our story)
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Image 2: The Burning of Troy
How did Calchas (the seer) interpret this nightmare, and what advice does he give? (page 1)
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Image 3: The infant Paris
Describe Paris's first five days of life. How does he survive? (page 2)
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Image 4: The Uninvited Guest
Name and describe the one guest who was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis: (page 3)
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Image 4:
Why is this character often depicted holding a golden apple? What is written on the apple, and what does an apple have to do with our story? (page 3)
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Images 5 and 6: The Judgement of Paris - Google Images
There are many famous paintings titled "The Judgement of Paris." In a new browser tab, type "The Judgement of Paris" into Google Images, and describe what most of these images have in common: (page 4)
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Images 5 and 6:
According to our story, who is the character behind Paris, wearing a hat with wings? (refer to page 4)
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Images 5 and 6:
According to our story, who is the character with a shield at her feet? (refer to page 4)
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Download the Comic version of today's story.
(To the left.)

Read the comic version and answer the following questions.
Page 1
The cover of the Trojan War comic can best be described as
Page 2
According to page 2, thie "graphic novel" of the Trojan War is based on
Page 3
The female figure talking to Zeus, and holding a sword and scales is probably
Page 4
Page 4 shows the marriage of
Page 5
The female character at the very bottom of page 5 is probably
Page 6
The Greek word inscribed on the apple, 'kallistei,' probably means
Page 7
The three goddesses who claim the apple are
Page 8
On this page, Paris is depicted as
Page 9
On this page the three goddesses try to
Page 10
Paris chooses
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