Australian Data on Placentophagy
Thank you for taking part in this anonymous survey. The data collected will give an indication of how women in Australia are using their placenta and the effects of placenta consumption.

The questions are with regard to YOUR MOST RECENT experience consuming your placenta.

Answer each question as accurately as you can. It should only take 5 - 10 minutes.
When You Gave Birth
These answers are based on your most recent experience consuming your placenta
Where did you give birth?
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What type of birth did you have?
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Gestational age of baby at time of birth
Were you diagnosed or treated for GBS (Group B Strep) at any time during this pregnancy or birth?
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What state/territory were you living in?
How many babies did you birth this time?
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Your Age
Was this your....?
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How did you feel about your birth experience?
Very unsatisfied
Very satisfied
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How You Used Your Placenta
When did you start to consume your placenta?
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For how long did you consume the majority of your placenta?
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Who prepared your placenta remedy?
Why did you choose to use a placenta remedy?
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Had you used placenta remedies for previous births?
Which placenta remedies did you use?
Did you save some capsules for use during hormonal changes later in life?
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On average, how many capsules did you take each day?
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