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The Counseling Center at CELA offers the following payment options: (1) individualized payment plans; (2) sliding fee scales; (3) reduced rates; (4) limited availability pro bono (no charge) sessions. Please contact us for more information and to set up an individualized payment option.
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Please give us complete information, if you agree to having The Counseling Center at CELA leave voicemail messages, regarding how you would like voicemail messages to be left. For example, do you want us to say the agency's name in voicemails we may leave? Do you want us to use your name or a different name in voicemail messages? Do you want us to leave voicemail messages only in certain situations, e.g., only appointment reminders?
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Are there only certain situations in which you would like us to email? For instance, only email appointment reminders and use the telephone to provide all other messages? NOTE: email correspondence is not considered to be a confidential medium of communication.
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Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, to ask for clarification of any information, or to ask for more information. Check the box below to let us know how you prefer contacting and communicating with The Counseling Center at CELA.
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