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Promissory Note/ General Agreement between Farmer and ZIM
Lender: ZIM/Long Le
Management and Entrepreneurship Department
500 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Loan Value: 5,000 Kenyan Shilling

Interest Rate: 0.000%

Maturity Date: 1 year from date of submission of agreement

Details of the Loan:
The value of this loan is worth 5,000 Kenyan Shilling. The loan is broken down into two parts
and is contingent on the following:

Part 1: The first 3,000 Kenyan Shilling of this loan are to be spent by Farmer (Borrower) on
purchasing AGN Soil Rejuvenation from Plant Grow.

Part 2: Once Farmer (Borrower) purchases the AGN from Plant Grow, they will receive the
remaining 2,000 Kenyan Shilling of the 5,000 Kenyan Shilling Loan. The 2,000 Kenyan
Shilling are to be spent by the Farmer (Borrower) in whatever way they seek, so long as it
is either benefitting the business or livelihood of the Farmer (Borrower).

Loan Process:
For value received, Farmer (Borrower) hereby unconditionally promises to repay ZIM (Lender)
the principal amount of 5,000 Kenyan Shilling, or so much as may be outstanding the unpaid
outstanding balance.

If applicable, in order to qualify for a second loan from ZIM (if the Farmer (Borrower) so
desires), Farmer (Borrower) must repay initial loan both in full AND within 1 year of signing
this agreement. Terms of the second loan from ZIM are to be negotiated at a future date.
By clicking "Agree" below, the loan process is initiated and Farmer (Borrower’s) 0.000% interest loan with value worth 5,000 Kenyan Shilling is to be repaid to ZIM in exactly 1 year from the date this agreement is signed. *
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