Boroughcon 2017 AMV Contest Submission Form
• All entries must be received by May 17th 2017 to provide adequate time for judging.

•Please do not submit an AMV with embedded subtitles. Doing so will reflect negatively on
your video’s evaluation. If you have questions or any issues complying with this rule feel free to
contact for assistance.

• Each entry will be limited to a maximum length of 6 minutes.

• Entries resolution may not be smaller than 1280x720 non-interlaced.

• The preferred format for AMV submissions is 8-bit MP4 (H.264) using progressive/noninterlaced
footage, but .mov is also accepted. We do not accept any other formats.

• All entries must include at the beginning a five second title page including the AMV makers
name and title of AMV. Please use white text against black background, centered alignment, and
legible font. For title cards the use of an alias is permitted if you desire, so long as you include
your real name with your alias in the original entry submission.

• Entries will be disqualified for inappropriate content, including but not limited to nudity,
graphic sexual content, excessive violence, and excessive foul language. The judge’s decision on
disqualification is final, so if you are concerned about the content of your video, please censor it
on your own before submitting it. As a general guideline, all entries should fall within an MPAA
rating of PG-13 or lower. You can learn about this rating system here:

• It should go without saying, but you cannot submit videos you did not create yourself.
Participants who are found to have submitted someone else's AMV as their own work will have
all their entries disqualified.

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