La Casa Partnership Guidelines & Application (English)
La Casa desires partnerships to:
Improve and increase our impact in our community through aligning goals, resources, and missions with other like-minded organizations & individuals.
Sustain programs by partnering with others for expertise, funds, materials, and more.
Collectively grow equity and cultural & linguistic competence in Yakima Valley through partnerships.

La Casa Hogar Mission:
To connect & educate Latina families to transform lives and our Yakima Valley.

Empathy, respect, relationship and trust, authenticity, justice and equity. Identity and dignity, community, compassion and justice, hope and promise.

La Casa envisions transforming from divided neighborhoods to connected communities.
La Casa invites the community to integrate and celebrate our cultures.
La Casa connects with different cultures of the community to remain united.

Please reflect on & answer the following questions. Then, email to Magaly Solis (Executive Director), Juan Ramirez (Board Secretary), and Enriqueta Flores (Development & Events Manager) If you prefer to answer questions via phone call, please call: 509-457-5058. Video answers are also welcome.

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1. Please tell us about yourselves.
2. Please specifically describe the partnership you’re seeking with La Casa. For example: amount of time, frequency, dollar amount (either contributing or asking for), dates, space rental, cultural & linguistic expertise, etc.
3. How does your organization or request align with our mission and values?
4. What type of impact do you and your organization have, where and with whom?
5. What do you see is the role of La Casa Hogar in the Yakima Valley?
6a. What is the messaging around our partnership that you’re hoping to share?
6b. How will La Casa and this partnership be acknowledged, publicly promoted, and/or talked about publicly? (Social media? Newspaper? Radio? Etc.)
6c. Will this strategy be determined together or by your organization?
6d. Please share details about the time frame of public promotion.
7. Is there anything else that you want to share, comment or ask?
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