Interest in an NCTA Diploma Option
Through a program enacted by the Washington State Legislature, we have been approved to run an Open Doors Program at NCTA. This provides students with the opportunity to enhance personal skills in a variety of academic areas while working towards a high school diploma.

We will work closely with students to ensure academic goals are being met, as well as assisting with career and college readiness skills--what we're already doing in our NCTA Skills Center programs! We will monitor each student’s progress regularly and adjusts lessons accordingly.

The curriculum is done in approximately 6 week module workshops so students as a learning community can dive deep into project-based inquiry and make academic gains during this time.

To qualify, students will need to:
- be currently enrolled (or has been previously enrolled) as a NCTA Skills Center Student
- have shown a commitment to and success in their NCTA Skills Center program
- between the ages of 16 and not older than 21
- be committed to earning a high school diploma
- not be on track to graduate, not currently in school (other than NCTA) or at risk of not graduating

Please let us know if you would like to learn more! Fill out this form and we will get back in touch. The projected start date is September 2019.

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