2018 SiGBA Green Building Tour Candidate
SiGBA is planning our 2018 green building tour and is looking for sites to visit. The tour is planned for this fall (late September or early October) -- specific dates TBD, based on home availability. If you have a green building related project that you would like to be considered for this or future tours, please complete and submit the form below.

To be considered for this years tour, please submit your application by September 5th. While our tours are typically limited to the greater Truckee area, we may expand the tour, or conduct multiple tours if sufficient projects are located in other communities.

If you have any questions, contact us at info@SiGBA.org

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Green Building Features
Please give us a BRIEF overview of the green building features incorporated into the project. Please also give an indication of the status of the project (completed in 20xx, in-progress, etc.) Areas of interest to SiGBA Members include:

* Sustainable Site Design: i.e., infill projects, stormwater management, habitat protection, edible landscaping, greenhouses.
* Water Conservation: i.e., Drought tolerant landscaping, low-flow fixtures, appliances
* Energy Conservation: i.e., innovative insulation, passive solar, air tightness, novel space/water heating system, lighting control.
* Renewable Energy Systems: i.e., solar PV, solar thermal, ground source heat pump, wind turbine, fuel cell, battery systems
* Indoor Environmental Quality (Healthy Interiors): i.e., Low VOC adhesives, paints, floor coverings. Fresh air/ventilation systems, daylighting.

Green Building Features
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Additional Site info (e.g. web-site, other notable features, dates available for tour)
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