Soul Relics - Museum of the Psyche, Objects, and Personal Stories - Your thoughts!
I am setting up an online platform on storytelling, objects and mental health as I feel that we often neglect our relationships with ourselves, and to tackle the huge stigma that is attached to mental health.

I am hoping to create a “museum” showing photos of any objects (with people’s short personal stories/ messages attached to the objects) that remind you of…

(1) a difficult time your lives (ie. A period of mental ill health); and/ or
(2) something that helped you work towards recovery.

That object can be anything that is related to your personal life, or/and institutional barriers to mental health care, etc.

I would love to hear if you have any thoughts about the project. Any submissions here will be anonymous and your help will be crucial for me in securing grants!

Thank you so much.

***By submitting your story, you agree that the story will be published on the website, social media and physical publications about the Soul Relics Museum Project under your preferred name. Your email address will NOT be shared with anyone and will be kept confidential in confidence.***
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If there was a museum exhibition showing people's personal experiences of mental health or periods of poor mental health and objects attached to these memories, would you visit and why?
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