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Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring Hack 4 Good 2019. Please refer to our Sponsor Page (https://hack4goodsgf.com/sponsor/) for detailed information and benefits included in each sponsorship.

Sponsorships are available first-come first-served, based on the date and time your reservation is received.
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Example: Weekend Lanyard $500 + Weekend Saturday Breakfast $250 = $750 Total Sponsorships
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We will contact you to confirm your sponsorship, collect your logo, and make payment arrangements. If you do not receive a response within 2-3 days, please let us know via our Contact Page (https://hack4goodsgf.com/contact/).

Thank you for supporting Hack 4 Good!
Weekend Hackathon Packages (Fri. Nov. 1st - Sun. Nov. 3rd 2019)
High School Contest Packages (Fri. Nov. 1st 2019)
Hack Night and Bounty Packages (2020)
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