HP Ministry Opportunities Form 2022-2023
 Mark every area of service in which you are willing to serve. You may also mark more than one choice under any given heading. Please understand that based on the needs of each ministry, you might not be selected to serve on all the teams you mark.  
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The following essential teams are either required by the church Constitution and Bylaws or their Leader is a default member of the Nominating Team.  Each team will work together and take responsibility for the area of ministry entrusted to them by the church.
THE FINANCE TEAM.  This team works together to set, monitor, and administrate the church budget and other financial matters.  It is comprised of five members; the Treasurer, a Deacon, and three people elected by the church to serve four years on the team.  Each year ONE member of the team (excluding the Church Treasurer) is rotated off the team and replaced). It is preferred that members of this team have some sort of background in finances or business.
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MEN'S MINSTRY.  Planning, coordinating, and promoting opportunities specifically designed for men to engage together in service and fun.
PROPERTIES TEAM. Overseeing the maintenance and care of all physical properties of the church.
WOMEN'S MINSTRY.  Planning, coordinating, and promoting opportunities specifically designed for women to engage together in service, support, and fun.
The following are teams will work together and take responsibility for the area of ministry entrusted to them by the church.
AUDIO VISUAL PRODUCTION TEAM.  Please check the areas in which you have skills.
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BAPTISMAL TEAM. This team will assist people getting ready for Baptism, maintaining robes, towels, and mop up afterwards.
BBQ FUNDRAISING MINSTRY.  This Ministry raises funds to support the Local Ministry opportunities of the church, property and physicals needs of the church, and occasionally other specific causes.
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COMMUNICATION CONNECTIONS TEAM. Managing, maintaining, and operating  the church's website, app, social media accounts, etc.
FIRST CONTACT TEAM. Assisting Pastor Paul in following up with guests by emails, phone calls, cards and letters.
FACILITIES TECH SUPPORT.  Capable and willing to maintain and improve the technology of the church facilitates.  (internet & Wi-Fi, technological systems, etc.)
GLOBAL MISSIONS TEAM.  Coordinating and promoting our church's involvement in the global missions opportunities. (for example: the Operation Christmas Child box drive.)
KITCHEN TEAM. Maintain supplies and ensure cleanliness of the church kitchen located in the fellowship hall.
LIBRARY TEAM Ensure/oversee operation of the Library as well as maintaining inventory and facility.
LOCAL MISSIONS TEAM.  Coordinating and promoting our church's efforts to engage our community through service. (for example "Love Your Neighbor/"H.O.T. Weekend." projects)
VISUAL PRESENTATIONS TEAM (formally known as the Decorating team)  A group of creative people willing to design and install scenery and decor in the Worship Center and/or Lobby in order to visually support and enhance the messages and teaching series at Highland Park.
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Preschool & Nursery and/or Children's Ministry (There are so many areas of service in this Ministry.  Please fill out the Children’s Ministry Opportunity Sheet (available on the Check-in desk and the Next Level table) and return it to the basket at the Children’s Check-in desk, give it to Megean Black (Nursery Coordinator) or Kirsten Nicely (Children’s Coordinator). Briefly let them know how you wish to help in the space below.
If you are willing to help in the Student Ministry, let Phillip Robinson (our Minster to Students) know how you would like to help.
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The CONNECTIONS TEAM. Providing guests with information (especially about Life Groups) from the Common Grounds Café in the Lobby after the service on Sundays.
COMMON GROUNDS CAFE TEAM.  This teams needs people willing to serve in several roles.  Please mark all the roles and rotations in which you are willing to participate.
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The G.G. TEAM (Guiding Guest) Friendly people who will: 1) greet people entering the service. 2) Help people find seats. 3) Introduce guest to a church member near them, 4) Provide directions for families needing to find the Nursery or Kidz Ministry check-in desk. 5) and distribute bulletins or other items as needed.
COLLECTIONS and DEPOSITS STEWARTS. Counting, Recording, and Depositing the Tithes and Offerings collected in the service.
ONLINE STREAMING TEAM. This team is responsible for our online services. This team needs people to serve in several areas.
I would like to be considered for a role on the PRAISE TEAM. Mark the areas where you would like to serve.
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Fellowship Ministry Teams.
Each of these teams will be responsible for: 1) Determining what event(s) they intend to make available during their season.  2) Recruiting needed volunteers for the event.  3) Planning, promoting, conducting the event(s) 4) Ensuring that the area(s) used is cleaned and supplies are returned at the end of the church wide event(s).
Fall Events Team (example from the past: The Fall FunFest)
Winter Events Team (example from the past: The Sweetheart Banquet)
Summer Events Team (example from the past: Back to School Pool Party)
Spring Events Team (example from the past: Movie night in the Gym or Parking Lot.)
If you have an idea about how you would like to serve, but didn’t see a place to indicate it on this form ... let us know what you had in mind. There is always something that didn't occur to us.  
Do you have an unusual skill or talent?  Not sure how it could be use in a church setting?   But you never know... God can use anything! (i.e. ventriloquist, juggling, sword swallowing, under water basket weaving, animal training, stupid human trick, etc.)  God made you unique and placed that gift within you for a reason. Please tell us about your skill or talent here.
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