TheRussianTiger Unique Styles YouTube Sponsorship (Application)
This sponsorship is designed to help give people all around the world access to unique dance styles such as LOCKING, HOUSE, and WHAACKING. YouTube has many videos teaching basic popping which makes it accessible all around the world. Many unique dance styles such as HOUSE, LOCKING, and WHAACKING have very little instruction available online.

This sponsorship is an incentive for qualified dancers to post basic tutorials on YouTube in a rare dance style. Highest priority styles are WHAACKING and LOCKING. All other dance styles are also considered and encouraged! (Priority given to funk & hip hop styles)

<b>Award Details:</b>
- Award Amount: $250 USD
- Number of award given out per year: 1
- Application deadline: Jan 30th 2013
- Decision: Feb 10th 2013

<b>Application Summary:</b>
- Fill out information about you
- Tell me about your proposed tutorials
- Provide a YouTube video

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Email Address
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Hometown, Country:
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Dance Style You Are Proposing to Teach:
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Are you a member of any crews? (If yes, provide name)
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Do you have a YouTube account, if so what is the username:
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Please list events you have battled in, performances, classes, workshops, etc?
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In 2 paragraphs or less, please describe your qualifications for teaching your respective dance style.
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Please submit a YouTube video that shows you dancing in the proposed style. The video can be a performance, battle, highlight reel, or just practice footage. No need to make a special video for this part. (2-5 minutes).
Place YouTube video link here:
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If you are awarded the sponsorship, you need to show someone who has never danced in your style before the basic foundations through a series of YouTube videos. The total teaching time to receive $250 is 30 min. Each YouTube video must be 5 min or less.

Each YouTube video should teach one movement or concept. This $250 stipend is negotiable, but $250 is the maximum amount. The full $250 stipend requires the creation of 6 YouTube videos, 5 minutes each. This can be filmed in one afternoon! No fancy editing is required, just easy to follow, logical, straight to the point teaching.

Simply click submit below to send your application. Please do not send it in parts, this entire page containing all your information (including video) must be submitted together. Applicants can be from any country, any age. No purchase necessary. If you have any questions please email:

DEADLINE is JAN 30th 2013, 11:59PM EST

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