Knives & Forks Community Investment Coop Membership Form
The Knives & Forks Community Investment Co-op stimulates local economies by providing a vehicle for British Columbians to invest in local enterprises participating in the sustainable food economy.

Knives & Forks is structured as a share issuing cooperative that sells shares to the public and uses the capital raised to re-invest in eligible local business. Our members can invest RRSP-eligible funds into the co-op, which can then be used to make loans to food-related businesses in BC.

The co-op is managed and run according to cooperative principles. Like a credit union, the community investment co-op is owned by its member investors, is directed by its members, and is accountable to the people who make the co-op successful. It is grounded in its community and has community investment as the spirit behind what it does.

We look forward to having you as a member!
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Membership Benefits
Membership in Knives & Forks requires the purchase of a single membership share at $100 (reimbursed when you leave the Co-op). Members of Knives & Forks are:

 encouraged, but not required, to purchase investment shares at $2,400 each
 entitled to share in the annual profits of the Association
 invited to attend annual general meetings and investment pitch sessions
 encouraged to contribute their expertise by sitting on the Board, various committees or by
mentoring a business who has received a loan from Knives & Forks

Note: All Knives & Forks members who are not accredited investors or have a close personal or business relationship with a Knives & Forks Director must be a member of the Co-op for 12 months before they are eligible to purchase investment shares; please see below for more details.
Further Details
 Relevant documents, including the Knives & Forks Memorandum of Association and Rules, are available for viewing at the Co-op’s registered office or digitally upon request
 Oversight of the management and business of Knives & Forks is the responsibility of a board of directors elected by the membership
 Membership and Investment Shares may be redeemed by Knives & Forks in accordance with the Co-op’s Rules and subject to the restrictions set out in the Co-operative Association Act
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