Survey - Ashley Karst National Recreation and Geologic Area
Thank you for participating in the Ashley Karst NRGA information meeting. Uintah County appreciates your interest in this matter, and we kindly ask that you answer the following questions to help us understand your opinions and concerns. This survey is administered by Uintah County, and is not required by the Forest Service.
Whom do you represent?
What interests do you have in the Ashley Karst NRGA? (check all that apply)
What areas of concern do you have with the Ashley Karst NRGA? (check all that apply)
Do you have any interest in the planning phase of the management plan?
Clear selection
What activities are most important to you within the recently designated area?
What are some of your concerns about the designation? How do you feel it may impact you personally?
What are some of the resources you feel need to be protected within the designation area (water, karst, recreation, etc.)?
Are there resources/products in the Ashley Karst National Recreation and Geologic Area that you collect or rely upon for economic or cultural value? If so, what are they?
In your opinion, should the area be developed to encourage more recreation by creating overlooks, improving existing roads, establishing campgrounds, restroom facilities, new trails, etc., or should additional infrastructure be limited or even prohibited?
What do you feel needs to be clarified in the Management Plan?
What additional comments would you like to share with those involved in the planning process?
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