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Please fill this form with your request details, and I will contact you as soon as possible!

  • Payments are made through Stripe or Wise, though Paypal can be considered if you don't have the other two.
  • Full payment is required AFTER the sketch is approved.
  • I'll send WIPs regularly during the whole process, so please tell me immediately if you want to change something.
  • Every additional character beyond the first one is half-off!
  • Commissioned artwork is for personal use only, unless previously agreed on.
  • No refunds once the invoice is paid, so please be sure of what you want.

I will gladly draw both human/oid and anthro characters, as well as NSFW (kink-friendly) pieces! I have less practice drawing furry characters, but I'm willing to try.
I won't be drawing complex machinery or gore.

Note : I do not check commission requests during the weekend. My timezone is UTC/GMT+1 (+2 in summer), for reference.
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Just so I know what to call you. Can be a pseudonym or nickname too.
Email *
The final piece is always delivered by email for organization purposes. Please make sure the email is written correctly.
If you prefer to talk about your request somewhere else than through email, please list your preferred social media platform(s) and your username on said platform(s). The final artwork delivery will still happen by email regardless.
Commission Type
See price sheet above for examples.
Size *
Describe your request *
Please describe your request here. What kind of drawing are you looking for? How many characters? What pose, expression, clothes, etc?
Feel free to add as much detail as you want, I will ask you if I need some clarifications.
Please write down links to pictures and other reference relevant to your request, such as characters, specific poses & clothing you want, etc.
Reference can be provided at a later date.
Deadline (optional)
Final delivery usually takes around 14 days after payment. However, if you absolutely must have the commission done before a certain date, please enter it here.
Note that if the deadline is very soon, I might have to either deny your request or charge a speed fee.
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