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Anything listed in the MLS will be included automatically but please specify if there are any additional items you would like to be included in the purchase. Note that all attached fixtures are included by default, unless explicitly excluded in the contract.
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Note that government-backed financing types (VA, FHA, USDA) may not be accepted for all properties.
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IE - Vacations, Work Travel, Surgeries, etc that may impact your availability during the contract period.
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Seller concessions are payments the seller makes towards your closing or loan costs. Except for in unique circumstances they can be a hard sell in the current market and therefore are usually not recommended.
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Pre-Approval Letter or Proof of Funds *
Please note that most Sellers will not consider an Offer without a Lender Letter or Proof of Funds documentation, so time is of the essence in getting this to us.
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This clause automatically increases the purchase price of your offer in the event of higher competing offers. The clause allows you to use set increments to increase your offer's purchase price up to a maximum price specified by you.
Escalation Clause Details (if applicable)
Please include: 1) desired increments above any competing financed offers 2) desired increments above cash offers (usually larger) and 3) the maximum purchase price that you would be willing to pay for this property
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Would You Like to Use an "As-Is" Clause? *
This clause stipulates that you are purchasing the property 'as-is' and 'with all faults'. In other words, you retain the right to do a property inspection (which we almost always recommend), but represent that you are only retaining the right to terminate based on any potential issues shown by an inspection and will NOT ask the seller to make any repairs or provide monetary concessions. This clause makes your offer more aggressive and more attractive to many sellers who know they won't receive a laundry-list of items to fix after the inspection has been done.
Do You Want to Offer to Make Up An Appraisal Deficit? *
This guarantees to the seller that you will bring cash to make up a potential difference between the Appraised Value and the Purchase Price of the property upon Closing (can be up to a maximum amount).
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